The SAMA nominated CT Tango Ensemble specializes in the Argentinean Tango, covering various styles withing this genre, ranging from the old fashioned traditional tango style from the first half of 20th century to the Tango "Nuevo"  synonymous to the famous Argentinean composer and Bandoneón virtuoso Astor Piazzolla.


Founded in 1996 as an Accordion & Piano Duo by acclaimed accordionist Stanislav Anguelov, the duo was joined in 1999 by Basil Heald on Double Bass, and a year later popular violinist Jacek Domagala also joined the ensemble to shape the perfect combination for live Tango music.  


In 2004, Charles Lazar (well-known Jazz Musician in Cape Town) took over the Double Bass position. During the same year Stanislav added his first Bandoneón to hiscollection of instruments, and consequently visited Buenos Aires in 2005 to study with Bandoneón Maestros Ricardo Fiorio and Hugo Satorre.


CT Tango Ensemble's repertoire consists of original scores by Piazzolla (much of which is for quintet, which often leads to including guitar maestro James Grace in the line-up), Horacio Salgan, Angelo Burli, Julian Plaza and Roberto Pansera, as well as their own arrangements of music by Piazzolla, Gardel, Troilo, Greco, Villoldo and others.  Their repertoire also includes original compositions by Stanislav, Charles and Albert.


CT Tango Ensemble has worked with the international tango singers Adriana Edwards, Juan Simon & Gustavo Fasani, as well as Mezzo-Soprano Violina Anguelov (well-known Opera vocalist in South Africa).


The ensemble released their first CD "El Tango en Africa" (Tango in Africa) in 2003, where the group explored the fusion between African Rhythms and sounds, and the "Tango Nuevo" style. This album has been locally and internationally acclaimed and have been receiving a great deal of air time worldwide, up to today.


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