The Perfect Entertainment for the Perfect Wedding


X-Music Entertainment provides small ensembles to provide live music for walking down the aisle and other requests from the couple.


We offer a wide variety of entertainment ranging from Classical, Jazz, African and World music. 

Browse through the styles below to find the appropriate ensemble for your Wedding. 


For any queries and suggestions do not hesitate to contact us!


Saxophonist from Cape Town, South Africa
Cello player, Cape Town, South Africa
Marimba group, Cape Town, South Africa
Accordion, violin, double bass, tango music, Cape Town, South Africa


X-Music offers sound equipment for the ensembles and for the priest to conduct the ceremony.

Contact us to get a quote for sound system hire for your wedding ceremony. 


Whever possible, X-Music will outsource the recordings of music requested for the Ceremony.

We have put together a few ideas of songs to give you a kick start on the search for the right song for you:



Let us help you put together the entertainment for Pre-Drinks and Reception Dinner to the after party. 

Willie Van Zyl and Gary Deacon, clarinet, guitar, Cape Town, South Africa
Bev Scott-Brown, Blaze band, singing, Cape Town, South Africa
Reception Dinner

X-Music Entertainmet offers a wide variety of acts to entertain during Pre-Drinks. 


You can choose from solo acts to full ensembles in the genres of Jazz, Classical, African and World as well as DJs


Please contact us if you would like suggestions and quotations for the different available ensembles and solo acts.

Reception Dinner 

X-Music Entertainment offers a wide range of cover bands and DJs to esure a memorable Reception Dinner and after party. 


The bands offered are formed by high caliber musicians that will provide easy listening Jazz and contemporary ballads during dinner and switch to high energy dance music including hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's to current Top 40 hits.  


Please contact us if you would like suggestions and quotations for the different available cover bands and DJs. 


Whenever possible we outsource the recordings of first dance, father and daughter, cutting of the cake, bouquet and garter requested songs. 


Our company also supplies Sound System for the bands / DJs and to provide microphones for the speeches.