Outstanding musicianship and professionalism


To ensure the success of your event, It is key that your entertainment sets the mood for each of the various stages of your corporate event.


The X-Music Team pays careful attention to detail.


When recommending entertainment options, X-Music Entertainment takes into consideration:

  • type of event - cocktail, presentation, gala dinner, awards and prize giving, team building, etc

  • venue size - for adequate sound system required

  • type of audience - demographics to assess the appropriate entertaiment option

  • order of events - to advise on appropriate entertainment option and brief the Artist accordingly


Browse through the genres below to find the suitable act for your event.



marimba group, madiba shirts, Cape Town, South Africa
Cello player, Cape Town, South Africa, red dress
Saxophone, Cape Town, South Africa, female
Cabarat Group, cover bands, Cape Town, South Afrcai
DJ, Cape Town, South Africa
Tango ensemble, Cape Town, South Africa, accordion, piano, violin, double bass



Let us help you put together the entertainment for your function or cocktail party.

Cabaret Group, singer, cover band, Cape Town, South Africa
classical, electronic, cello, saxophone, DJ, singing, violin, Cape Town, South Africa
Cocktail Parties

At the beginning of the event and during dinner, background music will create a quiet, non-intrusive, mellow atmosphere which will provide the guests with an ambient for mingling and networking.


Some of the suggested genres include Jazz and Classical ensembles as well as a DJ playing Lounge music and Eletro-Swing as well as well known Classics.


For your main attraction, an entertainment act that will capture the crowd's attention will be favourable.

X-Music Weddings offers exceptional Cover bands and African Dance bands.


Besides Live Party bands, X-Music Weddings offer DJ's and Cabaret Artists that will keep your audience on the dance floor until the function has ended.


Please contact us to request suggestions and quotations for the different available ensembles.

Cocktail Parties

X-Music Weddings has a wide variety of Artists to provide entertainment for Cocktail Events.


Depending on the mood the client would like to create, X-Music Team will suggests an Artist suitable for background music to set a classy laid back atmosphere or an Artist that will provide vibrant mid-tempo music to create a happy mood.


Some of the popular genres for Cocktail entertainment include Jazz, ClassicalAfrican and World.


Please contact us to request suggestions and quotations for the different available ensembles.