Our experience is most appropriate and enjoyable type of entertainment for a particular function, depending on the type of function as well as the general ages and requirements of the guests.

iLanga Le-Afrika Marimba Band has performed for:

-Corporate events and conferences.

-National, Provincial and local government events.

-Weddings (For both foreign people and local people).

-Private parties, opening of new facilities and new Branches.

-Performed in 5 star Hotels, restaurants, wine farm restaurants and many other places.


On African Marimba Experience

The exciting combination of Western and African sounds played by the band appeals to a broad audience base. The upbeat, extroverted performances are guaranteed to get people's feet tapping. The Marimba players have played with other Cape Town Marimba bands musicians and are all from a well-known amongst Cape Town Musicians, especially in the Township called Langa. The Marimba Band members started playing African music at a very young age, some since they were 8yrs old some 12 yrs old. Most of the Marimba Players in the Band have performed in foreign countries like USA, France and England.


On African Djembe Drumming Experience

Each Djembe Drum player is dressed in African attire and plays a rhythm that correlates with other rhythms played by Djembe Drum Players resulting in powerful African rhythms that sound in unity. In addition to this Djembe Drum Player sing and used African percussion while playing these African Rhythms. The African Djembe Drum players play other instruments as well and have been playing together for more than 7 years. This drumming can also form part of the Marimba music that the band offers.




iLanga le Afrika