South African darlings of the cabaret stage, Emile Minnie and Godfrey Johnson, join forces and hands and bring you an evening of fun, humour and fabulous songs.

Fleur du Cap winner Godfrey Johnson and SAMA award nominee Emile Minnie perform raucous hits from the sixties to the naughties with just a piano, a clarinet and a wine glass for percussion.


Songs include “Love is a stranger” by Eurythmics, “Holding out for a hero” by Bonnie Tyler and “It’s raining men” by Geri Halliwell.

For that something extra they can add in a French love song or two, by Piaf and Brel, as well as an original Afrikaanse treffer. Grab your handbag, your man purse or your moonbag and make your way to the Minnie and Johnson show! 


X-Music Entertainmet offers a wide variety of acts to entertain during Pre-Drinks. 


You can choose from solo acts to full ensembles in the genres of Jazz, Classical, African and World as well as DJs


Please contact us if you would like suggestions and quotations for the different available ensembles and solo acts.