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Catchi Rhythms

Naturali Catchi Rhythms was founded by Michelle van Blommestein in 2002.

Their facilitators & performers are all dedicated professionals who share the same passion & enthusiasm for their work in various communities.

Their prime objective is to use drums & percussion instruments to encourage self expression & creativity and for the participants to experience the therapeutic & healing power of the drum.


Interactive Drumming

Drumming has been used through the ages as a form of communication, for celebrations & festivals and for therapy to promote healing of body, mind & soul. Today drumming is extensively used as a tool in team building exercises, for stress relief and as a therapy. It promotes left/right co-ordination, releases stress & tension and assists in releasing negative emotions inevitably manifesting as illness in the body if not dealt with. Drumming is a powerful healing tool for people of all ages, breaking down racial & social barriers and allows individuals to get in touch with themselves & “BE HERE NOW”.


The Sessions

Due to the nature of the drum circle it is accessible to anyone regardless of previous musical experience or rhythmic ability.

Their professional team introduces the group to the djembe drum and how to play it.

Basic rhythms are shown and the group is taught an authentic Djembe song.

The group is divided into teams each playing their own rhythm to highlight the importance of listening & responding in order to successfully work together.

Percussion instruments are introduced to ease the hands and  to highlight the importance of each individuals contribution to the whole. The group is then encouraged to create their own rhythm. Much fun & laughter guaranteed.

Average duration of a session is 1 hour depending on the energy levels and capabilities of the group.

Each session is tailor made to suit the needs of the specific group.  


Naturali Catchi offers drumming & rhythm based activities for any occasion:

  • Weddings

  • Corporate teambuilding events

  • Conferences

  • Adult & children’s parties

  • Year end functions

  • Award ceremonies

  • Stork & Kitchen Tea’s

  • Full Moon, Solstice & Earth Hour Celebrations

Or just for fun ……..