Catchi Rhythms

Naturali Catchi Rhythms was founded by Michelle van Blommestein in 2002.

Their facilitators & performers are all dedicated professionals who share the same passion & enthusiasm for their work in various communities.

Their prime objective is to use drums & percussion instruments to encourage self expression & creativity and for the participants to experience the therapeutic & healing power of the drum.


Interactive Gumboot Dancing

Each delegate is provided with a pair of gumboots and overalls.

They are then taught how to use the gumboots and their bodies to make the slapping and stomping noises with a traditional song. A whole dance sequence is taught & performed together or in groups in the event of team building


Naturali Catchi offers drumming & rhythm based activities for any occasion:


  • Weddings

  • Corporate teambuilding events

  • Conferences

  • Adult & children’s parties

  • Year end functions

  • Award ceremonies

  • Stork & Kitchen Tea’s

  • Full Moon, Solstice & Earth Hour Celebrations

Or just for fun ……..