Neil Benjamin


Neil started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. Inspired by his father, he grew up listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Santana, The Rolling Stones, Dire Straights, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton to name but a few.


When he was 17, he decided he had enough of the academic world, and left school to study music at the Musician's Academy, GIT, in Hollywood, California for a year. After the short year, he returned home to complete his schooling and immediately climbed into the music industry in Cape Town when he left school. 


Since then, Neil has been busy on the Cape Town original rock scene as a guitar player and songwriter, playing in bands such as Psychodeli (Street Level Records), and Flow. His first real break came when he joined Flatstanley, now known as Macstanley. Half a decade later, the band has had number one singles on 5fm, KFM, Highveld and other regional stations in South Africa, as well as a long list of other songs on high rotation on SA Radio.


In 2008, his song "As I am" got international interest in Europe and saw Macstanley heading off to play shows in Germany and Switzerland. The song also got to number one on 5fm's high five at five chart show and is available on the SAMA nominated album, Between Two Worlds.


Neil's love for good house and electronic music started in the late nineties and has steadily grown to the point where he now DJ's four nights a week at events, clubs, corporates and parties around Cape Town.