Saudiq hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He lived in District Six as a child where he experienced the heart and soul of South African Cape Culture. Inspired by listening to flamenco music at an early age, determined to find a way to learn the music he loved,he studied the guitar locally and paid his own way by leaving school when he was 15 years old to help support his family who were thrown out of District Six because of Apartheid forced removals. These experiences are reflected in his Flamenco compositions, which can be harshly dissonant at times, but can also speak movingly of tender love and the anguish of separation and dispossession.


In 1989 Saudiq traveled to Spain where he experienced Spanish culture in the heart of the Flamenco world of Seville. During his stay of 9 months he studied under various Flamenco Aficionados, learning as much as he could from their techniques and music. On his return to South Africa, he became involved with various Spanish Bands and Flamenco Dance Groups, performing all over South Africa. Saudiq became well known for his Fiery Flamenco touch. In 1992 he started his own Flamenco Guitar School to promote Flamenco Guitar playing amongst local enthusiasts.

Great guitarists like Paco de Lucia, Rafael Riqueni and Vicente Amigo provided Saudiq with inspiration to compose his own pieces which appear on his albums.


His Album - Pure Soul - received a rave review in the Cape Times listing it as one of the best buys of the month in January 2007. His original compositions AMI PADRE,POR MANOLO and ANDALUZ from this album, were used in a local movie: “Confessions of a Gambler”, which won best Music from SA Film and Television Awards in 2008. The latest album - Madiah, features 5 original tracks including Cancion la Luna, which is played on local radio stations such as Classic FM. Fire & Grace, was featured for 6 months on a local television network CTV and received rave reviews.


Flamenco is heavily influenced by Arab tonalities and rhythms and during its history it became the secret musical language of the proud Andalucian people of Spain who refused to surrender their unquencheable spirit of liberty.


The new flamenco form which Saudiq explores through his compositions such as Carnaval and Juerga fuses easily with other genres. Cape Ghoema rhythms and Jazz sequences are present in many of the arrangements such as Oblivion (Astor Piazolla) and Khan’s original compositions contain the spirit of the Cape “coloured “ community.


The intensity of these pieces is reflected in a controlled passionate performance, which in its essence is very beautiful and Saudiq’s distinctive style and musical arrangement captures this beauty.


A soloist of note, Saudiq has amazed South African audiences with his impeccable flamenco rhythms and energized performance which makes him one of South Africa’s top acoustic performers.


The new Album Madiah was released on 3rd FEB 2010, at Artscape. The album Madiah was a sell out! It featured many original compositions which are currently being arranged for guitar soloist and orchestra.

This orchestral arrangement of Saudiq’s original compositions, was performed on 28 December 2011, at Oude Libertas Theatre Amphitheatre in Stellenbosch. 


Saudiq Khan