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Vuyo Satsha

Vuyo learned and mastered most traditional African instruments including the Mbira, Marimba, Kudu Horns, Kikanda  Log Xylophone, Tama (talking drum), Djembe, Sabaar Drums and many more.


Indigenous music is at the core of our history as Africans and has rich heritage of songs, instruments, techniques and performance practice. Today, along with Western and Indian classical music, it is recognized as one of the classical cultures of the world. It is however, threatened by the high rate of change in the modern society.


Katsha is a dedicated,reliable, self-motivated, self-driven and very attentive to detail individual. He has great oral and verbal communication skills and always punctual in sessions. He adapts easily and quickly to various environments and a man of outstanding resilience and integrity who is able to negotiate life’s challenges with skill and dexterity. His willingness and commitment to both his personal and professional growth is unlimited.


Vuyo approaches life with a smile, yet careful. The smile that welcomes you to want to know what he has or going to say, as well as what he will be playing from his instruments. An innovative, courageous, articulate and on point with the freshness of his sound using matured  words that one could relate to. His music, melodiously bring the fun to the present, capture your thoughts and vision.


No matter the background, race and culture, he shines with a smile looking at what seems so easy as he articulates every note when playing a tune, the guy is not selfish with the knowledge he had accumulated during his musical journey,

-“I would like to share and pass it on to those interested and willing to listen and learn”.


Among his other accolades, he had the opportunity to share stage and perform with the greatest artists like Youssou N’dour, Salif Keita, Ismael Lo, Cheikh Lo, Baaba Maal, Patrick Duff, and Madosini and  have learned from these musicians that being humble is the key to success.


During his performances, he draws the attention of his audience to feel and sing along to his songs, making them part of the performance, be it in a language they know or don’t. In so doing, he explains the song so that his audience can journey with him. His talent does not end with making music, but he dances with meaning…  (from the soul).


Research field trips - Australia, Croatia, Finland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, United States of America, and Zimbabwe.


Key strengths –Facilitates, Corporate entertainment, Functions & Regular Performances,Workshops, Conferences, as well as Teambuilding Sessions.